No Day But Today

And here goes!

A summary of my days here so far (this is sort of like that thing they do on Glee where they show you what you missed last week, so feel free to read very quickly):

  • Wednesday: Arrived in the morning to Santander with approximately 180 pounds of luggage. No, really. And actually it’s more than that because I never weighed my backpack, which surely weighed 15 pounds at least. I unpacked that afternoon. And by unpack, I mean just took everything out of the bags and put into piles all over the floor. And then I sat there for a while and looked at it all, and tried to channel some imaginary little people to show up and figure it all out. So after lunch, we decided to take a drive and headed out to this very cool cave where we took a tour and saw some really beautiful formations. And then after that, it as time  for some drinks. 🙂 One thing I’ve learned from my trips back and forth is that you need to go napless and power through that first day or else you’ll be struggling to get back on schedule for days. Luckily, I am in the company of people who are more than happy to help with that.
  • Thursday: I suppose it goes without saying that no little people showed up to take care of all my crap. But believe it or not, I managed to find a place for just about all of my stuff! And for those of you who saw that picture on facebook, this is quite an amazing feat. I think we’ll be making a trip to Ikea soon enough though which will help organize everything a little better, and maybe find some things to girly it up a little around here, like pink toilet covers or something. NO, I wouldn’t do that.

I’ll start a separate post for today, but aside from the factual side of it, I keep getting the question “so how are YOU doing?” And I’ll say this…I’m really, really, really happy to be here. I know it will take some time to totally settle in and figure out things like a job, but I’m in a very comfortable place where I don’t feel like a visitor and (thanks to my time here in the spring) things already feel familiar, and I’m surrounded by wonderful, warm, friendly, funny family and friends. And even though I sometimes can’t understand one word in a conversation (or sometimes I catch a WORD but that doesn’t have anything to do with the gist of the conversation), I have all the faith in the world that it will get easier with time. And lucky for me, I have that.

And I dunno what happened to my font right there, but I guess I’ll figure that out too. 🙂

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