The Process of Becoming Official

Yesterday we took the first step in making me official! It’s a multi-step process involving several trips to embassies and the local government offices, but the first part is to get my certificado de padronamiento. Basically, this just says I live here. So we went over to the Ayuntamiento (which according to Wikipedia is just a general term for the council of a municipality), filled out a form with my name and address, and voila…we’ll go back to pick up the certificates on Tuesday. Easy peasy!

Tomorrow we will drive to Madrid (probably a 4 hour drive or so). Carlos is flying off to work here (for maybe 6 months to a year, so look him up should you find yourself in the DR!), so we will send him off and then spend a couple days in Madrid. On Tuesday, we have an appointment at the embassy so that I can do my half of our “domestic partnership” registration – I need to do mine in Madrid because I’m an American citizen, but C will do his part at the consulate in Santander. This will prevent me from having any visa related issues (meaning I can come and go from Spain without the limit of 90 days every six months, which is what you are “legally” allowed to do without a visa of any sort). And yes, the whole “domestic partnership” (parejo de hecho for those of you wondering what it’s called in Spanish!) thing is sort of laughable. ­čÖé

And YES, C is starting recorder lessons as a step toward learning to play the bagpipes. I gotta be honest, I think he’s gonna need some work. I saw that recorder and was immediately back in 2nd grade music class with Mrs. Schattsneider (God only knows if I spelled that right). But I will say that I just picked it up and gave it a whirl (he went out for a bit) and I really suck too. I spose that’s why they say patience is a virtue?

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