Continuing the Process (and our trip to Madrid…)

And after a busy three days, we’re back from Madrid.

Turns out (thankfully C has this all mapped out because I keep finding myself a wee bit clueless on this stuff) that the trip to the embassy was to get a notarized document stating that I am single. HA! Again, there is something rather comical about that, no? Nonetheless, it was a quick trip, all of 15 minutes and poof, we were done. So now I have a notarized form that says I used to live in Arlington, and now I live in Corrales, and NO, I have never been married. (Makes me think I’m going Singles Anonymous…”Hi, my name is Lynne, and I, uh, I’ve been single now for more than 39 years.” “HIIII LYNNE!!!” Hahaha…) So NOW, C needs to do the same thing in Santander, then we’ll take both documents to apply to be a parejo de hecho. More to come on this.

On the fun side, we stayed with C’s cousin Zulema, her husband Jose Daniel, and their two adorable girls, Aida (11) and Janna (9). The girls LOOOOOVE C, and lucky for me think I’m pretty fun too. ­čÖé We ate lunch with them on Sunday (Zule is a great cook, must run in the family…maybe minus C…), and spent the rest of the day together. Everyone else took a nice siesta, but mine was hijacked somehow and turned into a “day of beauty” courtesy of the girls, complete with massage, a manicure (French no less!), hair, and makeup which featured some very lovely frosty shadow. They said I looked much better when they were done. Oh, there was also some pumpkin carving involved this weekend too.

Lots and lots of thoughts/observations here on family life in Spain and the importance of the Sunday meal…but I’ll save those for other posts.

We didn’t have any plans on Monday so we took the train to the city and spent a few hours at the Reina Sofia. I hadn’t been there in gosh, 19 years? (Insert a round of OHMYGOD I’m so old…). Lucky for us it was open on Mondays, unlike almost all the other museums. What a gorgeous place, such incredible art. You could study some of them individually for hours, like this one┬áwhich we studied for probably two weeks in my art class here in college.

It was a gorgeous day here, so after the embassy we took a stroll through Retiro Park (another place I hadn’t been in 19 years!) before meeting C’s absolutely charming and lovely cousin, Belen, for lunch. Good trip, long ride back. More tomorrow!

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