And yet, one more step…

Back to what I was saying about it being a good thing C knows everything we need to do? Yeah, I somehow skipped over this step.

SO, this morning we went back over to the Ayuntamiento and picked up the certificates that state officially that we live here. I have one and C has one. Check, check. THEN, we went over to the Notary’s office (btw, not the same as a Notary Public…more like the way a Notary is described here, basically a specialized type of lawyer), where we needed to jointly declare our intention to be a pareja de hecho. Basically, this involved us providing ID, and signing and notarizing (is that a word?) a document that says who we are and where we live and that we intend to live as a pdh. SO, that’s that. Clearly I was not reading what C had sent me, we walked into the office and I was like “wait, what is it that we’re doing here again??” Noooowwww, we need to go get C’s official “I Am Single” document, and take this all up to Santander to officially file. Phew. And the story continues…

On to more interesting topics, I decided to bust into baking mode today. The little girls like brownies, so I figured I’d test drive a recipe tonight. I made these…working with some odd pan sizes, and I’ve got some sort of homemade foil pan in there right now, so I’m just estimating baking time. A little dark for food pics right now, will post (if successful) tomorrow!

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