Fascinating Facts About Where I Live

So over coffee yesterday morning, I was asking C some of the questions I had been asked before I was leaving (and did not necessarily know the answers to), specifically about Geography and things like that. Just to get your bearings (and in case you are unfamiliar) here’s a good map of the regions of Spain:

As for the more well known cities, Madrid is obviously right in the middle, Barcelona is in Catalunia, Sevilla in Andalucia. We (Cantabria) are the leeetle teeny tiny lighter blue region along the northern central coast. And to break that down further, here’s a closer-up map of just Cantabria:

Los Corrales de Buelna falls pretty much right in the middle.

And here are the fascinating facts I learned this morning, courtesy of C’s iPhone and Google:

  • Spain is about 2/3 the size of Texas.
  • The region of Cantabria is approximately 2000 square miles, making it somewhere between the size of Rhode Island and Delaware (a shout out here to my UD and AR!).
  • For comparison’s sake, Rhode Island’s population is about 1 million, Delaware’s is about 900,000 and Cantabria’s is around 600,000.
  • The capital of Cantabria is Santander (directly along the coast), and its population is around 200,000. Again, for comparison’s sake…the population of Arlington County, VA is approximately 207,000.
  • And finally, the population of Corrales is just about 10,000. Maybe 10,001 as of last week.
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