The Weekend

Suffice it to say that they drink a lot of wine here. Well…maybe it’s just that my friends drink a lot of wine, so that isn’t so much specific to Spain as it is to me? And maybe it’s not just wine? In any case, we got a late start both mornings.

I never realized that there was any sort of Halloween celebration here, but in fact, there is. On Saturday we spent some time before lunch decorating the pizzeria, as many of the other bars had done as well. There is also another bigger party on Monday which we will dress up for again (a big bunch of us dressed up as fallen angels – select pics below). The girls are up from Madrid because Tuesday is a holiday – of which there are MANY here, this one the Catholic All Souls Day – and they have off from school.

For lunch on Saturday, C and I went with Aida and her boyfriend, Juan, to Torrelavega, a bigger town (of about 60,000) just ten minutes down the road. We had a great meal there and it was nice enough to be able to sit and have coffee outside afterwards (sorry for anyone who is getting snowed on right now!).

Today there were 15 of us at lunch, plus three kids! Hard to believe that we squeeze that many people in, but sure enough we did. I’ll have to snap a pic on another random Sunday just so you can see. More food than any of us could possibly finish…today we started off with fried calamari, a garbanzo salad with roasted red peppers and onions, some tiny little sandwiches that were mixed up with ham and cheese or tuna or something else I wasn’t really sure of, a big yummy mixed salad, a couple types of pate, and then we had some kind of artichokes (that had something bacony in them…yum) and moussaka. Like I said, it’s all family style you eat what you want when  you want and however much of it you want…the bigger (hot) dishes, someone usually serves up, but you can always say more or less. It’s a one meal kind of a day, what can I say.

And tonight we went to see a free local theater group do a production called “Mama…Pis!” It was a series of short skits done by a group of four men and three women, all about being parents (some of the skits were from a child’s perspective). I definitely got the gist of it, and parts I even actually understood and thought were funny…but other parts, who the heck knows. I was focusing so hard for an hour and a half that I’ve given myself an exceptional headache.

Anyhoo, here are some pics!

Decorating the Pizzeria

Virginia and Aida (clearly Aida didn't go out with us...)

Me, Zule, Eva and Virginia

Charles and Cheli (Zule did everyone's makeup...C's eyes are closed here! Freaky!)

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