A Little Exploring

I managed to survive the second night of Halloween. Barely. It looked a lot like the first night, add a few other people, leave out a few others, and put on some different makeup. And poof, there we were again, a group of fallen angels.

More interestingly though, C and I were up early on Monday and set off to do some exploring in the southern part of Cantabria – Valdeolea and Valdeprado del Rio. Those parts of the region have very wide open plains nestled in between mountains, and is at a higher altitude than we are in Corrales by up to about 2000 feet. It is speckled with “towns” (I put this in quotes because they are so small I’m not sure what we would even call them, but I don’t think it would be “towns”) and 12th century churches. We walked around a couple, and were lucky enough to find someone to let us in one which had some really interesting paintings (how we got there is another story…we found a guy who had a key, but he thought we should go ask the priest in town, so after we ate lunch – in a town called Mataporquera, which according to Wikipedia is a town of 992 inhabitants, we asked about the priest and some guy actually walked us to where he lived so we could ring his doorbell? So funny…anyway, we couldn’t find him because it was lunchtime and apparently he was at his mother’s having la comida!).

We also stumbled upon a Dominican Monastery (Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Montesclaros) and a very (VERY) chatty Dominican priest who happened to be there and was clearly dying to tell us all about the history of the monastery while at the same time quizzing us on our religious knowledge (we both failed rather miserably). Interesting stuff though, and a fun and memorable experience.

Some pics:

This guy just made me giggle.

Santa Olalla de La Loma, which began construction in 1174.

The paintings inside...unfortunately, my picture doesn't do it justice, but they are all incredibly detailed and vivid.

Mushrooms! And yes, apparently this one is edible.

The colors of fall.

The priest at the monastery, carrying his broom and pulling up his pants which kept falling down the whole time we were there.


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