A Hop up to Santander. And laundry.

We got up early this morning and hopped on the train to Santander. The train station is just a 5 – 7 minute walk from here, and during the week, the trains run up to the city pretty regularly. It’s like a $5 round trip, anywhere from 42 – 47 minutes, depending on the time, and the train station is right in the middle of the city. Easy peasy. Santander is a great city, very walkable, good food, fun bars, and good shopping.

I had arranged to chat with a woman at a language school right in the city to talk about taking classes and what makes the most sense. As it is a relatively quiet time of year (no one is really flocking in large groups to take Spanish courses in Santander), we agreed that I would start off with private sessions – twice a week, an hour and a half each. Seems like a good place to start? If they do happen to have a group, she said I can always join, and in the meantime I’ll see how these work and if I think they are helpful.

We also walked a decent way to the Department of something-something-governmental where C was supposed to state he was officially single. However, after a nice long walk and a wait in line, turns out he needs to do that here in Corrales. Welcome to Spain. So that was that.

And now my commentary on laundry. 🙂 No one here has dryers. Not one person. We talked about it, and I think it has something to do with a combination of lack of space and just the expense of it in general. And the other thing is that the washing machine runs for like 2 hours, I swear. So, doing laundry is a process. Put it all in there, and then ya gotta wait till the thing stops running, and then to the hanging rack you go with your clothespins! If it’s nice out, we’ll put the rack outside so things can dry quicker (on a day like today where I have been pretty convinced we will lift off and land on the wicked witch, that won’t so much do the trick). So dry time depends of course, but the net net is that I think from start to finish it might take somewhere in the 36 hour range to do a load of laundry. And that’s that. 🙂

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