There are always certain things or certain experiences that you can have anywhere in the world and they make you feel the same way, or evoke the same emotion. I was thinking this on one of our Halloween nights while watching a bar full of Spaniards listening to Michael Jackson at full blast, singing words that they surely do not understand and all doing some mocking version of the Thriller dance (“Threeler” to them…hahahahahaha). Michael Jackson is universal. Music is universal. You can be anyplace in the world and hear a song that you grew up with and suddenly the world doesn’t feel so big at all.

I sort of feel like that about shopping. Yesterday morning I got back on the train to Santander to check out all the shops that C and I walked by but didn’t stop in (there is a time and place for everything). Shopping, I realized, is also universal. Where there might be quirks or differences in how people do it, walking into a store, I was immediately amongst my people. “You had me at ‘SALE.'” Ahhhh, bliss. 🙂

I did feel some apprehension when going to try something on…I wasn’t quite entirely sure how to ask, or how the whole dressing room thing worked, but I felt my way through. I stopped in a small shoe shop (I’d say on the higher end side) to look for boots, and when I asked to try them on, the woman went upstairs, got them, brought them back down, set them on a big glass table as if to present them to me, and promptly one at a time removed all the tissue, etc. before handing them over. Very formal. Not very DSW-like (although that is most definitely a factor of they kind of store I was in). And when people window shop here, they really actually window shop. In that same store, half of their shoes were only displayed in the window, so I had to walk outside to show the woman which pair I wanted to try on.

In any case, I had a great morning and found some lovely shops. Here are a few I came across:

  • Casa (a wee bit like Crate and Barrel or Pier 1)
  • La Rustica (don’t have a website, but a super small, very Shabby Chic shop)
  • Piedras (cool and funky jewelry)
  • Looky (the shoe shop where I bought my MADE IN SPAIN boots 🙂
  • Inti (C’s Aunt’s fave shop – ornate interiors)
  • La Talabarteria (also no website, but think sort of old school Banana Republic)
  • Jacobo Diaz (some kitchen-y stuff, which I refrained from purchasing)

I’ll have to go back, of course, as I’ve left many stores unshopped. Granted, listening to Michael Jackson might be cheaper. 


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