Did you feel the earth move??

Because…drumroll please…C and I WENT TO CHURCH! GASP! Yes, I know, I know. Let me explain.

C has a priest coming to Spain in a month or so, and we have been checking out some of the places/sites/experiences C thinks he might enjoy. I’ve mentioned in other posts how this is an area literally speckled with very old churches, some more ornate than others, some actually functioning and active churches, others more like interesting ruins. So, today we went to a mass that was held in the cave church of Santa Maria de Valverde. Some pics:

The inside of the church (right before I got in trouble for taking pictures!).

The church, from one angle.

I was having a love affair with the tree in front of the church.

Three words: Fastest. Mass. EVER. Not kidding. 15 minutes, start to finish, and yes, it had all the normal components…readings, the Gospel, a 5 min sermon (he even joked about this), peace be with you, our father, and POOF! Done. AND I swear the priest did it with his eyes closes. Literally. And all in Spanish, of course. I’ve never heard anyone talk or pray so quickly in all my life. It was AWEsome. One main reason for this, I think, is that there are only two priests that do all the services for all the churches in a pretty large region, so when we were done, the priest pulled a Superman, grabbed his bag and bolted out the door. The other reason (purely in my book) was that it was quite cold today and there is – obviously – no heat in a cave church.

So anyhoo. We got our dose of history and religion. Models of efficiency, I tell ya.

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1 Response to Did you feel the earth move??

  1. Yay for my LY! I’m sure that Grandma is doing a little happy dance in heaven. I’ll still be praying for you here. xoxo

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