Spanish Classes and Baking

So, I started my Spanish classes this morning!! So fun! Like I said, they are private, so it was just me and my teacher, Estela. We probably chatted for the first 45 minutes or an hour…just so she could get a sense for where I am at as far as skill level. And then we actually did some exercises – holy flashback to Spanish classes a million years ago, but I must say, it’s a really great refresher and also a good way to build up my vocabulary.

I LOVED it. LOVED IT. First, because I was speaking freely and easily and not worried if I messed up or misconjugated a verb or said something dumb. (Not that I have ANY reason at all for feeling that way around family and friends, because they are nothing but supportive and patient. It’s totally something I bring on myself which I need to get over.) Also, because it was just she and I, and she was speaking at an understandable pace, I could actually carry on a normal conversation. It was really quite liberating. I’ll even go so far as to say I’m not as bad as  I thought at ALL. I just need to build up my confidence and do it more often.

I was thinking today that when we speak, there isn’t any noticeable delay between thinking about saying something and actually saying it. If that makes any sense. Your brain and your mouth work as one. But when I try to speak Spanish, it’s like there is a slight delay and they are not working in perfect harmony. So I need to slow down my head and my words, and they’ll all come out a whole lot clearer.

And not to mention, I’m also loving it because I’m learning and I forgot how fun it can be to be a student! YAY. So, 90 minutes, Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt for the first time today that there’s hope that I’ll actually be fluent some day!!! Yahoozie. I also just found out that there are free classes offered by the adult education program in town, which I might jump into also a couple nights a week. More practice can’t hurt.

On the baking front, I’ve made a good batch of cookies and two batches (one was a flop) of biscotti. Everyone LOVED the cookies (I made these with some minor tweaks), C especially liked them seeing as he had about 15 (not lying) one night for dinner. I think if I just sort of introduce them to everyone and get their taste buds tuned into American-esque goodies, I might just be able to create a market for them. Who knows. The biscotti I liked were these, these turned out like one giant cookie patty, which although interesting and not bad-tasting, was not what I was goin for. Live and learn, live and learn.

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