More Class and Starting to Plan for Thanksgiving :-)

I went back for my second class today…and I LOVED it just as much as the first one!! We were doing what I think was probably 8th grade exercises (hello present perfect tense!) but it was a really great review. And I can’t say enough how much I love being a student, and I love taking the train, and I love walking around Santander (I take an early train so I have an hour and a half or so before class). HAPPY.

After lunch, C and I had to go grocery shopping. Yes, we eat lunch out almost every day, but we do keep things like salad stuff, fruit, cereal, milk wine, cheese and baking stuff around. HA. It’s like my own version of the nutrition pyramid! I should graph that.

Anyhoo. We decided a while back (along with the encouragement of friends) that we should host Thanksgiving. And quite honestly, even if we didn’t cook for anyone else, I would just do it for us because it’s THANKSGIVING and that’s what you DO on that day, no matter where you are. Except for one year I was in Thailand over turkey day, so we made do with fish. But that’s the exception. I digress. We were saying today that we’d need to make a list of everything that we need to make a normal Thanksgiving, to make sure that we can find it somewhere or can plan around it. Here’s what we think we either can’t find (or we KNOW we can’t find it) or what we are not sure about:

  • A Turkey! I cruised through the big market in Santander yesterday and there are chickens aplenty, and even turkey breast, but not one whole turkey. I suggested that perhaps we go with roast turkey breast, but C says that’s not the same. So we’re on the hunt. He thinks if we do it far enough in advance, we can order one. The other issue is that we have a relatively small oven…but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Pumpkin. NO CANNED PUMPKIN. C says he thinks we can get one fresh, meaning that I get to make my own fresh pumpkin puree should I want to include that in any desserts.
  • Pecans. None. I haven’t seen ONE. Walnuts, yes, pecans no. C says there just aren’t any here. Who knows why. They are hiding out in a warehouse with canned pumpkin, methinks.
  • Canned soup. Now, I don’t necessarily need this, but for something like your standard green bean casserole, this girl will be making some sort of cream of mushroom soup from scratch. Good heavens, I better start now.
  • Crisco. Hello all butter pie crust. From scratch. Although I’m sure there is some lard to be found around here.

And I think that’s it for now. I’m sure we’ll find something else that’s not available, but as for now, it’s looking like a very “from-scratch” Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to More Class and Starting to Plan for Thanksgiving :-)

  1. Jeff says:

    Baking a pumking and making puree of it is a lot of work and tastes EXACTLY like a decent canned pumkin. Consequently, I’ve only done it once. Good luck with the soup. Lard will work in place of crisco. Probably better. I also substitute half the ice water with vodka when I make pie crust – it moistens so the dough comes together, but alcohol doesn’t produce gluten. Your crust will be flakier than if using only water. Cheers! Jeff

  2. Phil Thomas says:

    Click the link…
    Diferente on Calle Vargas has more world food things than you would ever need, pecans by the million!

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