The Process Continues (and Today’s Thoughts)

This morning we took C’s aunt into Santander (by car) because it is his uncle’s birthday, and he had made some special requests for his birthday lunch: razor clams, lamb tonsils and some sort of fish. So it was going to be an interesting lunch (btw, it was all fabulous!!!). Anyhoo, it’s a riot going shopping with his aunt…she seems to know everyone (always asking about the vacation they took or their children or what have you), and goes to very specific places for specific things. Of course, I think this is great (loooooove the market) and could follow her around for hours. I’m going to have to find a way and a sunny day to take pictures.

After that (which took quite a while) we went over to the government building where you register to be a parejo de hecho, and filed all of the necessary paperwork. There was no wait at all, the guy seemed nice enough and said we had everything we needed, made some copies of our IDs, stamped a bunch of things and now we wait for a letter in the mail. The letter should give us a date when we go back in and finalize everything. So, hopefully we will wrap this up before we head to the states at Christmas.

Last night was fun too…we went to a wine tasting class here (also in Santander). There were 9 of us – two girls from France, one older Spanish couple, one younger Spanish guy and a couple where the girl was Spanish and the guy was English. We tasted 5 kinds of wines, each time he had it covered up until we talked all about the color and smell and taste and did comparisons. I enjoyed him and for the most part understood what he was saying – figures I can understand someone when they are talking about wine, right? Plus it was a very cool space, we both were ready to move in.

We have a friend coming in tomorrow for the weekend. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to post on Monday! In the meantime, my cookies and biscotti. ­čÖé

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