One of My Top Five Eating Experiences EVER

When I was here with  my girlfriends back in September, C took us to Annua, an award winning restaurant in San Vicente de la Barquera, a lovely coastal town about 20 minutes from here. We went at the tail end of our trip, actually on our way to drop one of my friends at the airport. I thought it was amazing then, and it might have been even more amazing this round. They serve two menus, both pre-set and both supposedly with the same “amount” of food, however one has more courses. This one is called the Menu Experience, and that’s exactly what we had. I had to take pics of all of it, and I realize that some of it won’t look nearly as good to you as it tasted to us, but I’ll share it all anyway.

From left to right: Trampantojo de tomate y foie gras, Crujente de marisco (fish wrapped in a crispy thing), and Piedras de queso pasiego y polvo de trompetas (little melted gooey bites of cheese in a sugar-egg like thing with truffle powder)

Ostra Coco (an oyster with coconut foam, that sat on a bed of some type of sauce with cilantro, onions, and heaven only knows what else)

Salmon salvaje "Aitor Senna" (you were supposed to eat this like a little salmon sandwich between crispy phyllo-like things)

Desierto de foie-gras con rocas de avellana y Armagnac (I realize this looks like a pile of sand, but it was one of the best things I've ever was actually some sort of display of molecular gastronomy - it was actually a frozen powder like that melted into something RIDICULOUSLY amazing...unlike anything I've ever eaten and completely unforgettable)

Viera a la parrilla con iberico, remolacha lio y pistachio (a seared scallop with some crispy ham and a pistachio cream)

Taco de langostino (a little prawn taco on a black bean sauce...and served with a shot of tequila)

Hamburgesa de atun rojo con emulsion de jengibre y guisantes de wasabi (a little ahi tuna burger like thing with ginger foam and some pulverised wasabi stuff)

Rodaballo asado con algas y crispy de tinta (turbot with seaweed and crisped squid ink)

Cochinillo confitado con naranja sanguina (pork confit with blood orange)

Rocas de chocolate aireado (my second favorite a chocolate cream with these airy crouton things and ice cream...induces eyes rolling in the back of your head, I swear...mine are rolling just thinking about it)

El huerto (literally translates to "vegetable garden" but it was chocolate powdery goodness, and underneath there was some passion fruit cream and the carrot part was white chocolate, and THEN they sprayed it with something that we decided smelled like candied popcorn?)

Amanita de fresa y pasion, y Trufa de chocolate y toffee (served with our coffee...little strawberry whoopie pies and chocolate and toffee truffles)

I’ll say once again that I realize that pictures cannot possibly do this meal the justice it deserves, but we quite literally MOANED through the whole meal. It was that good. Textures and flavors that were so unexpected, but absolutely to die for. If you come visit, we can go. 🙂

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