A Glitch in the Process

Sigh. So much for easy peasy as far as this parejo de hecho business goes. We got a letter today from the Spanish powers that be that says that the document – that we went all the way down to Madrid to get stamped and certified – the one that shouts “I’m Single!” needs some other level of validation. Which is basically a load of crap, because C’s document is the EXACT same as mine and they didn’t find any problems with his. SO. They sent us a few pages of Spanish legal mumbo jumbo (which literally meant nothing to me at all) that C says basically means that we either 1) make an appointment online to go to some other government building where we will go sit down with someone who can decide if the document is actually valid or not, and if it is, will give it another stamp (this appointment must be made in the next 15 business days, but you can only book one online two weeks out, and apparently they are booked for the next two weeks…oh, and mind you, whether or not it gets stamped and approved could depend purely on who we meet with and what side of the bed they got up on) OR 2) get the document apostilled through the state of VA, then translated (and then I think we have to get the translation apostilled as well?) and THEN try again. The unofficial option is that we just show up at the government building without an appointment and smile very nicely and sweetly and see what happens. And the saga continues…

On a brighter note, we have now secured everything we need for our First Annual Spanish Thanksgiving, with the exception of sage (in Spanish, salvia), which we’ve located at a specialty food store in Santander. My fresh homemade pumpkin puree is just about done draining in the kitchen (woot woot!!!) and I got a lovely delivery of brown sugar yesterday. Happy dance. The only thing I’m sort of not sure of is what pans I will use to make the desserts, considering I have never seen a pie plate or a normal sized cake pan here before. And I’m also not sure about what the turkey will look like when we get it. Like, for example, if it will still have a head. Or all of it’s insides, like, attached or something. Or feathers. Stuff tends to be sort of fresh around here. Rest assured I will be taking pictures of EVERYthing.

This morning I had class (yay for the imperfect preterite tense…helllloooo, eighth grade Spanish) and afterwards we made a trip to the Corte Ingles, which doesn’t even have a comparable equal in the states. I may have mentioned it before, but it’s like a small mall, complete with a full, very American looking grocery store (where we found cloves, cheddar cheese, and fresh ginger…every time I go in there I feel like I’m in a happy place) and on top of that has everything from wine to gourmet foods to clothes to furniture. I think I may have to take a train or bus there someday and take a few hours to cover the whole thing.

And C and I are on our third day of speaking mostly Spanish (I’d say about 85% of the time). It’s actually fun, and I’m enjoying it and maybe even getting better. Who knows. I know C likes it too, and he’s extraordinarily patient and helpful. We both laugh a LOT. And I am priding myself of having simple conversations and making lots of grand hand gestures. ­čÖé


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