Setting Up House

I’ve come to the realization that…and I say this with 100% certainty…C does not read my blog. Therefore, I am suddenly free to speak of him in whatever way I wish! Hahahahahaha. Not that I’d say anything bad, but it’s kind of fun anyway.

This morning we decided to do some shopping around for things on our great big master list of stuff we want/need to finish putting the house together. Translation: the things I need because I have so much stuff and twice as much in storage in Virginia. (See? He’s not reading this.) We hit a few stores and managed to find: curtains and a rod for the second guest room which will eventually turn into the room for my stuff once we make it to Ikea (I should explain here that we have outside blinds, the kind that make the room so dark that we call it a cave…but no other window covers in the bedrooms, so during the day the neighbors can see you prancing around naked. If that’s what you do. Annnnyway…), hangers (if he only knew how many more I’ll need…), and a sort-of-close-to 8″ cake pans, which is really a springform pan but will do because cake pans don’t exist here.

It was kind of an adventure in figuring out things that we both like and getting a better understanding of each other’s tastes. I actually think we come from very different places but that there’s a very happy middle-of-the-road on most things that can make us both happy. Hopefully we’ll hit the Ikea this week (we were going to do it today, but the thought of bothering with that Saturday mass chaos sea of humanity was sort of dreadful) and get some more stuff. Like a kitchen table, bathroom cabinets (hello, welcome to the world of women’s bathroom necessities), a wardrobe, a dresser…oh and a mirror, considering that there’s only like one in the house.

I opted out of going to some concert tonight to delight in an evening by myself with wine, last week’s episode of Parenthood and some Indigo Girls. Oh, and an American magazine I brought with me that I still hadn’t read.

Tomorrow we are off to some cow show or something? Who knows.

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