The Cow Fair

Today was some sort of cow fair (I honestly don’t know what the Spanish name for it is, other than “la feria” which seems to apply to every fair) in the town right next to us, just across the river (in fact, C and I  tried to walk there but there wasn’t actually a way to get across the river…). It had a huge market lining several streets, sock vendors right next to the folks selling chorizo and ten different types of cheese.  There were a TON of people out too, it was warm for this time of year. Like, warm as in I was sweating. Anyhoo, the fun part of the fair was the cows, alllll different kinds, and some of them unpenned, just wandering amongst the peeps. I giggled nearly the whole time. Here are some pics:

Afterwards, our friend Oscar was making (I should say made, because he did it all in the morning) lunch for 15 of us. He is an amazing cook and has lots of cooking “things” like smokers and other strange outside cooking apparati (that’s a good word, no?). Today he was making Cantabrian stew, which is a very hearty stew based in white beans and veggies of all kinds, but then served with meats of all types (morcilla, chorizo, some other sorts of unidentifiable things…). It’s all cooked together, but then they serve the meat parts separately so that people can take what they want. In any case, it was deeeeeeeelish and promptly sent C to the couch. It was a very fun meal, but after a couple hours of all those people speaking (very animatedly and passionately and loudly as most Spaniards do), I am literally typing this with my headphones on listening to classical music. Everyone else at the table was certainly headed for bed, whereas all I wanted was a few moments of silence. Or Bach.

And this, for no other reason than it made me laugh. It’s like some kind of super old school vending machine. You can get a small can of stuffed olives for only 1 euro! What more could you want?

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