T-Minus 2 Days!! (And a bit more on The Process…)

Well, first of all, about the process. As I mentioned, the good ole folks who handle the approval process for parejos de hecho in Santander didn’t so much like the paper that we had gone alllllll the way to Madrid to get certified, saying that I was single. The reason they gave us was that it was certified by the US (we went to the US Embassy in Madrid to get it) and not by Spain. SO, in order to do that, C sent that piece of paper to a lawyer type of person in Madrid, who then (for a rather small fee) makes an appointment with the Ministry of the Exterior in Madrid (originally it said we should make our own appointment online, but when we tried to do that, everything was booked…this is apparently because these lawyer types of people hold all the appointments), where they will stamp it with the Spain approval stamp. Then it gets returned to us, and then we go back to the good ole folks in Santander to finish the process. So, again, we wait. Moving on.

So YAY! Thanksgiving is two days away!!! Aida and I went to the market in Santander this morning to get the rest of what I needed (at least the rest of what I wanted to buy super fresh). I was too busy being all dancy-pants about the fact that I was actually buying things at the market instead of just my usual browse, that I neglected to take any pictures. But oh, what a happy, happy place that is. Anyhoo, I came home with a big ole bag of fresh stuff – broccoli, shallots, sausage, chives, celery, carrots, etc. I have too much to fit in one picture, but here is some of my pre-T-Day loot.


I managed to make cranberry sauce last night that didn’t come out half bad (from dried cranberries, which are the only kind of cranberries you will find here). Figured I’d start whatever I could in advance, so I also whipped up a bowl of herb butter for the turkey. Tomorrow I’ll do the desserts (woot, woot!!) and probably try to conquer some of the chopping/grating as well.

What I didn’t realize until last night, is that not only is this my first Thanksgiving in Spain (and obviously for C’s family too) but it’s actually C’s first Thanksgiving here too! Every year he has been going back to the U.S. to spend it with his best friend’s family in Houston. So it’s a first for EVERYone. No pressure, Lynne, no pressure. Heehehehehe.

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