My First Turkey Day in Spain

10:45 and C is basically passed out on the couch. Our friends just left and I feel exhausted, but I had such a wonderful day.

I spent a few hours last night doing most of the prep work…chopping, mincing, grating, and all that, plus making the desserts. And literally the first thought in my mind this morning was “I better put that cream cheese frosting through the blender, I think it has lumps. ” ­čÖé Anyhoo…we were up early. C had to go get the turkey at the pizzeria as we had to leave it in the fridge there last night because we had absolutely no room in ours. Our lovely one-winged bird (yeah, I dunno, but whatever) weight about 6 kilos, so just over 12 pounds. We had decided yesterday that we’d do the turkey at C’s aunt’s and the rest here because the ovens are pretty teeny tiny and there was really no other option! So C and I prepped the turkey this morning together (I used this recipe) and then his job was to man the turkey and make the gravy, so he stayed at his aunts for the rest of the day, and I stayed at home. Aida, bless her soul, came over and helped me – I could not have done it without another set of hands!

So…what all did we make you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. We sort of followed the recipe for these┬ágarlic mashed potatoes┬á, stuffing (which was sort of this recipe, but I added other stuff like mushrooms and sausage, and I used pecans instead of hazlenuts, and I didn’t really measure anything…), and mom’s delish broccoli casserole, which is forever my favorite thing. I also had made cranberry sauce (which I think I mentioned in another post). And then I made carrot cake and pumpkin pie, which was really this crust and this pie filling.

I think everything genuinely turned out REALLY well, and that everyone loved it all. My more specific opinions? The turkey was good, I might try to stuff it next year though. The gravy, although it proved to be a wee bit finnicky and we had to add a decent amount of cornstarch (alas, there IS cornstarch here…noted!) to thicken it up, was deLISH. I liked the stuffing a lot, it was a lot like my mom’s. And the broccoli all but disappeared…like I said, always my favorite, and apparently it went over well with everyone else too. I thought the carrot cake was suuuuuper yummy, and though the frosting was a bit thinner than I was expecting, it looked good on the plate and tasted wonderful. And I actually might have found a pumpkin pie that I like! Will wonders never cease.

We ended up a group of 10, plus two kids who didn’t eat much, but tried some of it. It was a really, truly wonderful day. And afterwards, we came back home with Aida, Andrea, Virginia and Jean-Pierre and played Cranium for a few hours (sorta tough for me in Spanish but we didn’t do so bad!) and then must have spent another hour or two playing with some goofy photo application on my computer and laughing until we cried. Oh, the simple things.

Here are some pics:

El Pavo!

The table with everything...and C's expert hands attending to the turkey carving.


What was left of the pumpkin pie.

On a more pensive note…I have an incredibly long list of things to be thankful for this year, as I always have in the past as well. Here is what is at the top of my list:

  • My entire wonderful and loving and family. Especially my parents and sister, who, despite how hard it might have been to digest that ┬áI was moving across the ocean, have been honest and supportive through what was probably the biggest decision of my life so far. And who still keep in touch with me so that it doesn’t feel like I’m miles away.
  • C, the love of my life, who makes me laugh every day, who encourages me and supports me and listens to me and laughs at me (when appropriate), who continues to do whatever it takes to make this feel like home, who understands that I listen to broadway and sing loudly while I bake (or clean…or who knows what else), who has the patience of a saint while I work on my Spanish, who delights in my chocolate chip cookies and makes better coffee than I do. And who makes me happy every day that I made the decision to move here.
  • C’s family and friends here, who now feel like my own, who have opened their hearts and welcomed me, who take care of me and ┬ámake sure I never feel alone and who treat me like they’ve known me forever.
  • My girlfriends, for everything that makes them my girlfriends. For making me giggle and keeping me sane and telling me I’m not crazy and for checking in and for working out schedules so we can see each other and for confessing their weekend (or weekday) sins and making sure I still know when there is important entertainment news. And for asking me for the REAL juicy stories that I don’t post here and reminding me that it’s totally okay to stay home by myself and watch Parenthood and eat scrambled eggs.
  • Wine. And cheese. Oh, and tortillas (the Spanish kind).
  • My measuring cups. And the ability to order brown sugar.

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving.

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