Dar un Paseo

According to my super handy Spanish dictionary, “dar un paseo” means “to take a walk.” In the Book of Lynne, taking a walk is what I do when I walk home after lunch. Or if I don’t feel like going for a run, I go for a walk. Or if I just feel like getting out of the house, I take a little walk around town.

What I learned yesterday was that when C asks if I want to “dar un paseo” it does not, in fact, mean the same thing. It seems to mean something more like “Do you want to spend 5 hours hiking up and down a mountain, which may or may not be extremely muddy and which might have several rivers running through it that could possibly be a little tricky to cross when you’re just wearing running shoes, during which time we will likely take a million photos and stop to pick mushrooms?” So now I know. Oh, and the other thing? “Casi estamos” means “we’re almost there” and this, too, apparently has more than one meaning. 🙂

Regardless, with the exception of about 30 minutes in the middle (we were on the top and the sun was fairly strong and I didn’t have glasses so I couldn’t see anything, and this was making me frustrated, so I was blocking the sun by holding my arms up and this, in turn, gave me a knot in my neck, so I stomped around with my pouty face on for a bit…hahahaha…) it was a gorgeous day and a really nice hike. And I’m certain the next time I hear “Quieres dar un paseo?” that I will say sure, of course, I’d love to.

Here are a few pics.

Mushrooms, everywhere, a million zillion different kinds...some edible, others deadly. They are actually really interesting and beautiful.

Tadpoles-to-be. A little Nature Channel in the mix.

Holly trees. I could have taken a million pictures of these, they are all so perfect.

The little orange thing in that flower? Saffron.

I should also add that we were rewarded post-hike with some rather delish turkey sandwiches. Viva Thanksgiving!

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1 Response to Dar un Paseo

  1. Leo says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Lynne! I just found out your blog and I love it!!! I wish I had the time to write a blog like yours from the other perspective: “A Corraliega in the USA” 😉

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