Moving Along…

Good news! Today, we received the legalized document that states that I’m single, with both the seal from the US Embassy in Madrid and  a stamp from the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperacion, all dated and signed and official. Yahoo! So now, we go back to the office in Santander with the paper and send it through the process again. Since that was the only document they had problems with, I don’t really think there will be an issue this time, but who knows! Fingers crossed. Pareja de hecho, here we come.

And my new experience for the day? I went to see a massage/chiropractor-ish like guy last night. I don’t really know what official title he has, but since I seem to have done something along the lines of pinch a nerve or develop sciatica, I decided to see if I couldn’t do something to help it. Our friend Virginia has gone to this guy before and said good things. He MUST be doing something right considering the fact that my appointment was at 6 and I didn’t get in to see him till 7:15 (with an entirely full waiting room still…). C stuck around to help me explain in case I needed him, but unfortunately he had to go tend to kid duty, so I was left to explain on my own. Which I think I did pretty well! I was giggling the whole time though because, I mean, I’ve gotten massages and obviously been to a doctor before, but I wasn’t quite sure what the protocol was with the whole clothing thing. I was afraid if I stripped down (as I would normally do), that this poor guy would come back and and think “YEP, those American girls are loosey goosey”…hahahahaha…but alas, that did not happen. And a nice massage and a handful of bone crackling, and I was done. I’ll go back in 2 weeks, a little more confident, and hopefully can work this thing out.

I think that’s about all for today. But I decided that my posts are boring without pictures, so here ya go.

El Mercado in Santander, one of my fave places, especially on a lovely day like today!

One of the train stops on my way to/from Santander.

One of the little guys I pass walking home. This made me laugh, it either looks like he's doing a jig or doing donkey kicks...hehehehe...


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