Five. Hours. In. Ikea.

Never in my whole life would I imagine that I’d be able to say that I quite literally, with no exaggeration, spent FIVE hours in Ikea. But today? Today I spent five hours in Ikea. Actually more than that, it was like five hours and 20 minutes.

We took a lovely scenic drive towards Bilbao this morning (OH, I should mention here that we went via Santander, where we stopped BACK at the office of Pareja de Hecho and gave my legalized document BACK to the nice man behind the desk – who said he thought it looked just fine – and now we will wait to receive a letter, and when we receive the letter, we can call to make an appointment, which would be the FINAL appointment…we shall see) and by about noon landed ourselves at Ikea. Now, I was thinking, Wednesday, weekday, middle of the day, who the heck is going to be there? Um, EVERYone. And if you’ve ever spent any time in that store, you know they are all laid out the same, in the same maze of rooms, with the arrows on the floor that are supposed to help you navigate. And you have to write down the numbers of the things you want to buy and then go to the kiosk-y like things in the middle of each department to order them, but you can’t order everything in one place, you have to go to the kiosk in EACH department. Good. GOD. I should say that actually they have a lot of great stuff, and if you were moving into a 350 sq. ft. empty square, by glory, this is your place.

So, we had a list. First, we were looking for more storage in the bathroom, so we found some closed shelves to put above the toilet. Done, easy, check. Then we were hunting for a kitchen table, a high one, and there was one we really liked…so we spent a decent amount of time figuring out which stools to  put with it, only to find out after all our hard work that they were clear out of the table. Like, forever or something, because you can’t order in on backorder or anything, you literally have to wait till the stores have more. (Cue some sort of game show “wrong answer” music here.) THEN, I desperately needed to find an armoire type of thing, of which they have pleeeenty. But what I didn’t realize was that you have to pick out every single part…the doors, the handles, the hanging bars, how many shelves you want, if you want drawers, etc. Holy Mary Mother of God. I was sweating and dizzy. It’s entirely too overwhelming.  So eventually we had to take a lunch break, and therefore we ATE AT IKEA. C even had the Swedish meatballs for which they are so famous…hahahahahaha…

Anyhoo. Thank heavens we made it out in one piece. The least satisfying part about it was that we drove home and after all that hard work, all we had to show for it was the door handles to the armoire since they were small enough to carry back.  On the upside, they originally said it would be delivered Friday, but they called tonight to say it’s all going to be delivered tomorrow. Woot woot! After which C (with some sort of help from me, although this is not necessarily my strong point, and despite the fact that I said I would pay the 100 euro to get the guys to put it all together for us…some things are just worth it) will assemble EVERYthing. Teeeeheeheehee…I giggle at the thought and will most definitely by photodocumenting. Perhaps this is best done with wine?

My picture of the day is nothing exciting. Just the sky this morning when I went out to check the weather. 🙂

I will also say that my favorite part of the day is that right now, C is making a tortilla. And he was jealous that I was standing in the kitchen with him, blogging, so he went and got his computer so he could blog too. I’m allowed to share his blog after he writes more in it, so stay tuned.

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