Quick Updates

I think winter officially arrived in Corrales today. I have to admit that I’ve been rather surprised by the weather overall, I was expecting so much worse for this time of year. I spose that either means that what we’ve been having is uncharacteristic, or just that the worse is yet to come. Or both.

And what is better to do on a crappola day than assemble furniture!! All our Ikea stuff arrived last night at like 10:30. I don’t know why I was surprised by the fact that it all came in such FLAT boxes. So, for example, the dresser came in five parts, plus five for each of the drawers, plus all the stuff you need to actually put it together and make the drawers move and things like that. Dear God. Thankfully, the directions were just in pictures. I suppose for an international company like Ikea, that is way easier than having them in ten different languages. Anyhoo…I now have a fully assembled dresser and a rather ginormous armoire. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many parts that thing came in. I’m going with near 100. Pictures to come, as it’s already dark here.

AND…drumroll…we got our letter today from Parejo de Hecho people in Santander that confirms they have everything they need. We now have an appointment on Monday morning to go in and do whatever it is that they still need us to do. Like smile or sign something. Who knows. Almost there!!

And since there was nothing worth taking pictures of today (or I should say that there was, because I am happy as can be with the new furniture and the idea that I can finally, completely organize all my stuff!!), I’ll just add something random.

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