A Lesson in Watching Your Words

I’m sure that anyone learning English would tell you that there are words that can mean very different things in different contexts. Or words that are similar that when mixed up, could, uh, get you in trouble or something. I’m sitting here trying to think of what some of those words might be, but am realizing that it’s hard to think of what they are because to a native English speaker, it  is very clear that they are different.

HOWEVER. Being in the same situation, desperately trying to learn Spanish, I’ve come across a few that I thought I would share. Mostly from experience.

  • “la rodilla” means “knee,” however “el rodillo” means “rolling pin.” So, I could ever so politely say to C’s aunt (for example), “I’m making a pie, do you have a knee I could borrow?” I suppose that gives new meaning to knead?
  • “cajones” are “drawers” (like to a dresser) but “cojones” are “balls.” Yes, like THOSE balls. For example, “I am so thrilled with all my new Ikea furniture, especially my big new balls.”
  • “Esposa” is a wife (a spouse, but the feminine version), but “esposas” are handcuffs. I really don’t know what to say about this one. And don’t ask me how I know.
  • “un espejo” is a mirror, but “esponja” is a sponge. I realize these are not the same, but when you are garbling all your words in Spanish anyway, sometimes this stuff slips out. So C was a little confused when I was saying that we needed a full length wall sponge.

Sigh. IN any case. My only other thought for the day is that I miss Target. I’ll take more pics of everything to post tomorrow. 🙂

The center-ish of my little town.

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3 Responses to A Lesson in Watching Your Words

  1. Leo says:

    hahahhaaha! great words to be playing around, hahahaha!
    I know the spelling is different but I DO have a problem with the pronunciation of SHEET and SHIT…so I just try to avoid it. Once I said to my students at UNL: “please, do this shit of exercise tor review subjunctive” (they looked at me so puzzled…even if you think Subjunctive is a shit, you, as a professor, DON’T SAY IT!! ).
    (the Corraliega in Utah)

  2. Leo says:

    oh! and thanks for the picture!!! it makes me feel even closer!!! 12 more days and I will be there!!

  3. ralph bongo says:

    the guy selling cheese as the coolest shoes

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