It just took me three times to type that! But that’s where we went to do a little exploring today. If we look at the  map…

Valderredible is at the bottom, and is right next to Valdeolea and Valdeprado del Rio where we were a few weeks ago. Like the other two regions, it is scattered with historical sites, dating back (some would say) to as early as the sixth century. The towns are more like villages, some connected only by dirt roads (that are not always so clearly marked!). It is at a higher altitude, therefore much chillier than when we left Corrales this morning, and oddly enough, while it was a beautiful day here, it was just plain gray there. Here are a few shots.

The town of Orbaneja del Castillo. A little chilly for visitors this time of year (although somehow some seem to have made it into my picture), it will be a lovely place to go in the summertime.

Africa. Or kissing camels. Also in Orbaneja del Castillo.

This guy was selling cheese (some of which made it home with us) in town. He was awesome...chatted up C for like 20 minutes, even asked for his card!

The Church of San Martin de Elines, in the town of San Martin de Elines. We were lucky enough to catch the priest on his way back from mass and he gave us a little tour. Pardon the attempt at artistry, but the trees...I just LOVE those trees.

La iglesia rupestre de Arroyuelos. This is another cave church (like the one we went to mass in), possibly dating back as far as the eighth century.

La iglesia rupestre de San Miguel de Presillas (another cave church).

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