Three Observations from Today’s Outing

It was a lovely day this morning, and a normal regular ole work day nestled in between two days of fiesta, so I figured since everything was open, I’d hop a train to Santander. One of the things I love about any nice day in Spain, is that the benches are always, always, always put to good use. I mean, those benches have a purpose. Which seems to be to cradle the tushes of all the old men in the city.

This was like, oh, 11am. So I figure either they just needed to get out of the house, or their wives are all in the market (right around the corner) and they are just hangin out waiting. Either way. I would love to take better pictures of them because I just love the character in their faces, but I felt strange being so direct about it, so I was pretending to take pictures of other things. Maybe one day I’ll grow a pair and just ask them. But for now at least you’ll get the idea.

Anyhoo. On to my second observation. Two of my favorite signs that I see every day:

This store sells "Wine, Ham, and Other Things." I love that. "Other Things."

And this one. Well? I'm 12, what can I say...teeheeheehee...

And my last thought. I took the bus from the train station today (woo hoo a solo bus adventure!!) to the Corte Ingles. For no other reason than I could, and that although I’ve been a couple times, I haven’t just had the time to wander at my own leisure. Needless to say, I emerged three hours later (have I mentioned the place is huge?), one of which was spent JUST in the grocery store part. Because I love going to the grocery store. OH, one minor complaint here…the grocery carts here are NOT steer-able. They just aren’t. All four wheels move in all directions, so the thing goes sideways when you are trying to turn the corner, and you literally gotta dig your heels in to make it around the bend. I digress. Oh, the glorious things you can find in the Corte Ingles. Like feta cheese. But my favorite part is what I’ll call the ham and sausage department.

Giggle, giggle.


And th-th-th-that’s all folks! (Snicker snicker…sorry, poor reference).

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3 Responses to Three Observations from Today’s Outing

  1. hehehe. super bm. You know that one made me snarf my cereal. LOL

  2. Leo says:

    😀 hehehehheehe never thought of that!! probably because I’ve always seen BM as a super market, you twisted minded…. now when I am back there (in 10 days!!!) and I see the supermarket name I’m going to start giggling.

    you KILLED me with the pictures of Serrano ham, chorizo, lomo, fuet, etc….. I’m licking the screen…


  3. Carolyn says:

    Good lord, you know we must be related when your post made me laugh and the term “BM” still sends me into the silly place. Snort.

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