Miscellaneous Stuff

Wow, I just realized it had been a while since I posted anything! Just been living my normal life here, so there’s nothing that exciting to report. But let’s see, I’m sure I have something to say…

So, last week, some friends of mine (who will obviously go unnamed) introduced me to the sex shop in Torrelavega! Giggle, giggle, giggle. Don’t worry, I didn’t buy anyone’s Christmas presents there, it was just for laughs. And the place even has a vending machine out front. We were saying how hilarious it would be to live in one of the apartments in front of this place. If you were ever feeling bored, you could just grab a glass of wine and wait for something funny to happen outside.

Snicker, snicker...giggle, giggle...

I went back to the chiropractor/bone guy person last night. This time I felt much more comfortable knowing what I was doing. I also learned that he’s more like an osteopath than a chiropractor. It’s sort of fabulous though, because you get this great massage for like 15 or 20 minutes and then the guy comes in and crackedy-cracks you all up. We’ll see if it helps (what we think is) sciatica. But either way, I just sorta like going. OH. The best part was that in the middle of my massage, I notice that “Hair” is playing (yes the song “Hair” from the musical of the same name). So bizarre. 

I have class three days this week and that will wrap it up until after the holidays. This morning, she said we were going to review our numbers…all I could think was dear God, I learned my numbers in like eighth grade! Until I realized that I didn’t know how to say 700. Setecientos for those of you who were wondering. We didn’t spend much time on that anyway, we do these little reading comprehension things that I actually enjoy. I’m sure I’ll keep up the classes after I get back, I’m convinced they are helping. Little by little…

AND I made a tortilla today. All by my lonesome!! And it was actually GOOD. It was just a mini one, and I know the whole flipping thing is harder with a big one. But it’s the small victories, right?

Can’t believe we are going back to the states on Friday! How strange that I’m just going to visit. 🙂


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