And one more thing…

After I posted last night, I realized I had forgotten to include a few thoughts.

One. I was coming home on the train yesterday, and there was a rather old couple who got on the train after I did and sat across from me. Turns out they were getting off at the same stop as I was, so when I noticed that they were getting their stuff together, I did what I thought was the polite thing and let them get up before me. WELL. They were not moving fast. And by not moving fast, I mean barely moving. So by the time the two of them got to the door and figured out that they had to push the button to open the door (you have to do that on these trains, all the doors don’t open by themselves), the “ding-ding-ding” of the “we are departing” bell rang and poof, we were off to the next station. Sigh. So now I know exactly where the next station is located. Lucky me. I won’t complain, it was totally walkable in like 25 minutes. But my lesson learned is that I will now dig back out my assertiveness training when I need to. And that was that.

Two. C tried my tortilla last night. Here I was all proud of myself for having done it alone, and managed not to spew egg all over the ceiling in the flipping process, and to have come out with what I thought was really not that bad. C’s review? Yeah, it went something like this: “The potatoes are a little undercooked. And it needs some more salt. And there’s a flavor in here I can’t figure out.” Uh, how can there be a flavor you can’t figure out, it’s potatoes and eggs and onions, I don’t get it. So with that went all my pride. Right down the drain. I’m gonna keep trying, but that’s the last time he gets to judge. But it looks good, right?? Geez Louise.

Mi Tortilla!!!

Three. We visited one of the other family pizzerias on Saturday night, C’s cousin Marta’s, outside Santander. Or technically it might even be in the city limits? I’m not sure. I only know that I can’t get there by public transportation. But anyhoo, the pizza and wine were delish (of course) and in addition to listening to Wham and Queen, I am now a fan of this song. The video is a lil odd. And yes, it’s Ricky Martin.

I went to class again this morning. We were again reviewing some simple things, no biggie, but it was just a reminder of how much simpler it is to say “some” and “none” in English than in Spanish. English lacks the whole masculine/feminine thing. It’s way easier in that respect. But when I left for class, it was raining. And in typical Cantabria fashion, when I got out of class, it had turned into a beautiful day…the kind of day when you look around and say my goodness, what a beautiful place I live in!

I pass this guy all the time, but the sun was at a good angle. ­čÖé

Walking back home.

We head back to the states on Friday. Therefore, tomorrow (doom and gloom, doom and gloom) I attack the packing issue. Ugh.

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