Salmon hunting, my failed attempt to drive, and our brownie dance party

C had heard that there were salmon in the nearby Rio Pas yesterday. I had to read up a little on salmon fishing in Spain, and what I found out was that there are about sixteen rivers that are “salmon rivers,” half of which produce “large catches of salmon in the 11 pound range.” The Rio Pas has a section of tiers that the salmon use to jump, which facilitates their migration. Or, at least that’s what I think they do. Anyhoo, supposedly when there are salmon, you can see them jumping out of the river. So after lunch we went, along with little Aida, to go check it out.

The steps to help the salmon jump.

Waiting. And looking. And waiting. And waiting.

We walked. And we waited. And we walked. And then waited some more. I saw one. Poor Aida didn’t see any. But C wanted to stand on top of the bridge, camera at the ready, to catch them jumping. Did I mention I only saw one? Yeah. So, after like 15 minutes, Aida and I thought we’d hide from C. Well we did. But after 15 more minutes of him not even noticing (I’m pretty convinced we have had to swim down river and leap into the air for him to lose his focus), we got tired of crouching behind the trash bins and finally said OKAY, enough, let’s go. He said 10 more minutes. SO. I decided, since the car we have is automatic, that I would just take us for a spin and leave him there…which we both thought a hilarious idea. HowEVER, I haven’t ever actually driven this car. I just figured it worked like any other car and it wouldn’t be a problem. So I took off the brake, we rolled pretty much into the middle of the road (mind you there was still room to pass…) and then I couldn’t figure it out from there. So there we were, giggling in the middle of the road, and C still hadn’t noticed a thing. FOILED. We had to call him over for help finally (oddly, just about that time the Guardia Civil pulled up…and just sort of parked). Le sigh.

Aaaaaanyway. We made it home safely, of course. Probably because I wasn’t driving. 🙂 And now I know (I think) how to drive the car, but we’ll test that out some other day. Aida was staying the night with us, so while C was making dinner (eggs with french fries…a rather typical dinner), Aida and I were making brownies, and we were all listening to music and having a big ole dance party in the kitchen. SO FUN. Seriously, I could not have loved it any more. Maybe there’s a business in teaching kids how to cook in my kitchen. With my music. Singing into spoons.

The Brownie Makers Apprentice. 🙂 Who, I may add, made an EXCELLENT student.


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2 Responses to Salmon hunting, my failed attempt to drive, and our brownie dance party

  1. Carolyn says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to catch up! xoxo

  2. I want to know why nobody was filming video of said dance party with singing into spoons? xoxo

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