Los Reyes

So, here in Spain, the Christmastime holidays are a little bit different. Spaniards do celebrate Christmas, and there are even some who put up trees. But Christmas here is not like Christmas in the states in that there is no gift exchange. It’s more a day for family to spend together, sort of like our Thanksgiving. The BIG day, especially for the kids, is Los Reyes, which in the Catholic religion is the Feast of the Epiphany. If you are Catholic and don’t know what that is exactly, no shame, I promise. I had to look it up too (right now my grandmother is rolling over in her grave…sorry Grandma, now I know, it’s just that I had other things on my mind at Sunday School, okay?).

In any case, the kids write letters to Los Reyes asking them for gifts, just like we would for Santa, and leave out snacks and drinks too. And when they get up in the morning (if they have been good, of course) Los Reyes will have come to visit their homes and brought gifts. (For example, I must have been especially good…not that there was every any doubt…because they brought me tickets to go see the Lion King in Madrid! FUN.) We didn’t quite make it to see the kids open presents, but when we went for lunch, the day seemed to have a been a huge success. I’ve decided next year, I will use this day as an excuse to make these. SO CUTE.

The holidays, therefore, are basically wrapped up for the year. I think maybe my next post will be my list of resolutions…if I make them and write them down just for myself, there’s not as good a chance I’ll actually stick to them.

And on the photo front, I’ll leave you with this…C’s last tortilla making experience. He’ll kill me for this one.

I don't Tweet, but if I did, I think this would be #tortillafail. ­čśë

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One Response to Los Reyes

  1. do I see the face of Jesus in that tortilla? Maybe you could sell it on eBay.


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