Back to school. And back to Ikea (no, seriously).

I just realized I hadn’t posted at all this week. GASP.

First of all, winter is worming its way into Cantabria. I saw frost for the first time on the train on Tuesday morning on the way to Santander. And this is what it looked like when I opened the door.

Yeah, I couldn't see much. Other than my breath.

Anyhoo, I started classes again this week…YAY! All the kiddies were dreading going back to school after the holidays and I couldn’t WAIT. I’m so odd. This morning, Estela (my ever patient, if not a weeeee bit quirky) teacher and I were studying the Present Subjunctive. JOY, joy. This is one of those tenses that, in all honesty, I could do without. Or rather, I wish that the Spanish language could do without. Those of you who have studied Spanish know, but basically if there is some uncertainty or something hypothetical about what you are going to say, you need a whole other tense to say it. For example…”Sara is late for class. Perhaps she is sick.” The fact that you don’t KNOW if she is sick or not warrants a whole new tense, which is a principle I deeply disagree with. So, I’ve decided instead of trying to madly conjugate these forms in my head that going forward I am going to speak of everything as if it is fact. The power is in your confidence level, right?

We also took a little trip BACK to Ikea yesterday. I know, I swore there was no way in hell I’d go back, at least for a decade. BUT. We were still searching and searching for a tall kitchen table and could not find a thing (we were literally in a dozen furniture stores), and we were poking around online and saw one at Ikea that we hadn’t actually seen in the store. And low and behold, it was actually in stock in Bilbao. So, we made a list and had a plan – we were also looking for some other miscellaneous things, like some other shelves, something to keep shoes in downstairs, etc. It wasn’t nearly as painful an experience as the last time, and we found everything we had gone looking for. The only problem with THAT is once we rolled it all out into the garage, I was nearly 100% certain that something was getting left behind. Like, me. To take the bus. But no! I was AMAZED, but C managed to squeeze it all in to our lil teeny pint sized car. Miraculous, his packing skills, I tell you.

By a hair. Seriously.

And we were rewarded generously for our Ikea efficiency by a most fabulous meal in another of the six Michelin star rated restaurants in Cantabria. Which of course will be reserved for its own post. ­čÖé

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