A Saturday Excursion

Yesterday, we decided to take a little ride to Lierganes (a small town of less than 3,000 people, about 45 minutes from us and still in Cantabria) to check out this:

The Saturday show at El Whisky. 🙂

I mean, how can you resist meatballs and “trash/grunge/groove/folk” music for a Saturday matinee? Somehow I was missing a few of those categories, but it was still a fun show. And the meatballs were yummy.

This is the group - there were a couple bagpipes, a guy who played the oboe, some tabourines, and a drum or two. Not sure I picked up on the "groove" part, but it was definitely folk-y.

After this, we ate at a really good Mexican restaurant in town (that actually tasted very Mexican as opposed to some other strange combination of foods, which was more like what I was expecting…). Then we took a little walk through town to pop our heads in some of the “rebajas” (the big post holiday sales), and to go visit the fish man, el hombre pez, one of the things the town is known for. Here is a Google translate version of the legend that this statue is commemorating.

Eva, Virginia and C with el hombre pez.

The other thing that can be seen from the town is this.

Literally known as "las tetas." Yes, obviously those tetas.

We made a couple stops on the way back (it was in fact a very full day), including a mandatory stop here. For obvious reasons.

Virginia asked if we could get a discount for the Charles in our group. But the bartender said he couldn't do anything without his manager. Naturally.

We even managed to round out the day with a stop for a little dinner at the new kabob place in Corrales. How bout that, huh?

I also feel compelled to mention that as I have been typing this, C is upstairs in his office (which is off our room) practicing some new tunes on his flute. And I, following a sudden and very jarring flashback to when my sister was learning the clarinet, shut his door, came down the kitchen and shut that door and promptly cranked up Jamie Cullum. And preemptively took some Alleve. 🙂

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One Response to A Saturday Excursion

  1. Phil Thomas says:

    Come back soon, fiesta’s in July, meatballs waiting for you!

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