Yesterday’s “Paseito”

It was sort of a gray day yesterday, but we decided to get out and take a little hike. Or a “paseito” as I like to call them. After my first experience, I know now to fully equip myself with water and a hat and mittens and better shoes that don’t morph into water skis when we hit a muddy hill (this, for those of you unfamiliar with my abysmal lack of water skiing skills, is basically fatal). It was a particularly green few hours. Here are some pics:

This could be Anywheresville, I just have a thing for bridges like that.

Random flowers still blooming in January? It just hasn't been very wintery here.

Aaaaand I have thing for big huge trees.

Like a leaf skeleton.

That little speck of red is C.

More trees. I know, shocking, right? But I liked the contrast of colors.

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