Ack. I’m woefully behind in blog posts. I’ve started three and left each one hanging in my drafts folder, just sitting there. Waiting. Time to catch up, I’ll start with Saturday.

Seems like everyone finds a way to celebrate Carnaval. I’ve read that the biggest and craziest celebration is in Brazil, but Mardi Gras in New Orleans can probably at least hold a candle, and well, here in Corrales we do our best too. We dabbled with a whole slew of ideas for costumes (we landed on Scrabble tiles for quite some time, but then after realizing that starting Saturday afternoon to cut up boxes to make Scrabble tiles was probably biting off a little more than we could chew), but landed on the idea of just going “western” as one of the bars in town was having a party with that theme. I was honestly surprised once we got out to see how many people had dressed up. And in some fairly elaborate costumes too!

A two second aside here…when it comes time to dress up, there is really no better place to go for props and even idea generation than the “Chinese stores.” I’ve mentioned them before, basically they are dollar stores sprinkled alllll over (there are TWO in Corrales), always owned by Chinese families. They have EVERYTHING. I mean, I am afraid to go in there when I’m not actually looking for something because God only knows what would accidentally fall into my bag to bring home. They’ve got baking dishes and everything. It’s dangerous.

SO, we got all propped up there and set out with about 8 of us. Here are some pics.

Cowgirl # 1 (Eva). She actually looked like the real deal. Okay, well, if the real deals wore sparkly red hats.

Cowgirls #2 and #3. In other words, me and the Devil with the Red Hat on, also known as Virginia. ­čÖé

The group, minus two of us who joined later...

The horses we rode in on. Yep, those would be broom poles with cows on them, and play horses...we tried to use some sort of putty cement to hold them in there, but it wouldn't stick so we had to go ghetto and use tape. Snort.

The Horse Whisperer. Snicker, snicker...

I call this one A Cowgirl a Cowboy and a Devil.

And that was that. We’ve hung up our hats and ghetto horse poles and unused half cut up Scrabble tiles until next year. Or until the next time we dress up.

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