Tuesday Night Dinner

I have had some fabulous dining experiences in Spain, for example when we went here and here. The purpose of this post is just to provide a little perspective.

So, the normal “going out” hour is somewhere around 9:00. Coincidentally, this is also the hour that most people would be eating dinner (if not later). So if you get ready and head out to meet someone, chances are you’ve maybe skipped the eating dinner part. Not to worry, most bars have “pinchos” which are basically tapas that they’ll set out, like of Spanish tortilla or something. And in some bars you can also actually order them as well (the ones they set out are free). BUT in the case that you sit down with your friends and your glass or two or three of wine and get to chatting for four or five hours without stopping or noticing the time and suddenly POOF it’s 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning? There is also an option. I call it the sandwich machine.

Sorry about the crap Blackberry photo, but you get the gist, no?

Just take a gander at the plethora of options you have here. You could get everything from chicken wings, to some sort of square pizza situation, to something that is called the WaterSplit. Yeah, I dunno what that means. I can honestly say that I have actually, ONCE, eaten something from the sandwich machine (it might not have actually been this one, I think there are two in town?). And I will equate it to the Titanic. It took a while to sink, and then it stayed there for a long time. 🙂 But in cases of desperation, or, just because you want a good laugh, it fits the bill. Here’s what came out of it last night.

Oh my God. I almost shouldn't post this, but I can't NOT. If you can look at that and not react in some way, you get a prize.

This is the turkey and cheese sandwich. All the products are "Bob's" and I should add here, that when you order it, it takes like 15 seconds to heat up before it delivers it to you. Thus, the steamy looking package.

Based on my previous experience, I did not partake in last night’s dinner adventure. Well, I did, but only as the resident photographer. And I haven’t heard anything from the girls yet this morning, I better check in on them just in case. 🙂

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