Yet Another Quirky Spanish Festival

Today we took a little drive to the beach/port town of Santoña, somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour east of Corrales up on the coast, for El Dia de Aldeano. Some of my friends had gone last year and really enjoyed it – they had learned about it from someone in town a few weeks prior, who described it as a festival for the townspeople (as opposed to a much bigger ordeal intended to attract people from all over).

“Aldeano” literally translates to “villager,” and on this day, TONS of people dress up like, well, like villagers. This is sort of a hard thing to explain…because we don’tsomuch have anything comparable in the states. For the women (men also dress up as women), think long skirts and shawls and many of them had on grey wigs…and for men (women were also dressed up as men, with eyebrows and beards drawn on), think pants tucked into socks, and jackets and hats. I dunno, that doesn’t really do it justice. But it was entertaining! There were also tons of food carts, people cooking all sorts of yummy smelling things, and they’d just roll the carts around in the streets to wherever. Lots of music, lots of drinking and eating in the streets. All the things that are typical of Spanish festivasl

I tried to take a lot of pictures, but I’m really horrendous at doing the non-chalant-picture-snap, and I always feel very strange looking right at some stranger and obviously taking a picture, ya know? Anyhoo. You’ll at least get the gist.

This is what I mean. Dude is looking at me like WTF? Note to self: practice non-chalant picture taking.

Ah, better yet, sneak a shot while someone ELSE is taking a picture. That's the ticket.

The kids got in on the dress-up action too. I got such a kick out of the drawn-in unibrows.

Who knows. But he was workin it, so that's what matters.

A sheep on a leash. That's pretty much all I can say really.

We took a nice walk along the water and back through the town. Just pausing to check out the view.

That's a statue I was totally digging called el Sulero.

Loved these wall murals too. If you stand at just the right angle (yep, not this one...but close) it looks like one big picture, all connected. Very cool.

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