In Today’s News…

We went this morning for my “scheduled appointment” at the Oficina de Extranjeros, with three passport photos in hand in which I am looking very pale and with an exceptionally large forehead, and the tax paid (which you have to go do at the bank beforehand), to finalize the process of getting my official ID card which allows me to work in Spain. Or, I should say work for a company and get a paycheck…like, work legally as opposed to doing something shady under the table. Like tutoring English. I’ll get back to that in a sec.

So, a quick aside so that I can rant for just a sec about how things work there…basically, they send you a letter with your appointment time and date on it, BUT when you get there, which is generally sometime close to the time of your appointment, you hit the button on the screen that says you have an appointment and it prints out your number. But, the machine doesn’t know who you are, or when your appointment is or anything, so then you just have to sit and wait…in other words, it doesn’t really matter when you go because the fact that you have an appointment doesn’t seem to mean much. So, after 45 minutes of waiting, we spent three minutes with a woman who took what she needed to, fingerprinted me (the index finger…) and told me that in 45 days, I’d have my card. I have my actual number, they sent that to me in the letter with my supposed appointment, now I’m just lacking the actual card. So that’s exciting. ­čÖé

The other exciting thing is that tomorrow I begin tutoring my first student!! YAY! She wants to take one of the national standardized English exams in June. The exams are sort of interesting, from what I understand, even if a job doesn’t require you to actually speak English, sometimes they require that you’ve taken and passed the tests anyway. I spose it’s just a level of certification. But the tests are pretty rough, it’s like a 6 hour process, which includes listening, writing, reading and speaking. Anyhoo, she says she’s pretty comfortable with the written part, but needs help on the conversational part. So we start tomorrow. Nope, I’ve never done this before and really have no clue what I’m doing, so there’s that.

Hmmm…what picture should I post. This is from when I was here in the Spring.

Waiting for Spring to spring. Ready to see the flowers and enjoy really long days again where the sun is out till 9...

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