Don’t Go Chasin Waterfalls

Bad TLC reference, sorry. But I keep singing it in my head, and who didn’t love that video?

Yesterday was a really lovely spring-like day, so after we slept off our Friday night out, we decided to take a drive to a part of Cantabria I’d never seen (I know, right? I didn’t think there were any either…). We headed south-west toward the valley of Soba, first stopped to eat in the town of Valle de Ruesga, and then made a loop through the Parque Natural Collados del Asón.

I can never get the lighting quite right at this time of day. But it was really pretty.

A view from the side of the waterfall.

This is from the bottom of the waterfall looking almost straight to the top...I just liked it because the clouds sort of mirrored the way the water was falling.

From el Mirador del Rio Gandara . C with his new little fancy schmancy camera. And no, Mom, you would not have liked standing there.

The river/waterfalls that C was taking pictures of...

The sky on our drive back. So fiery and beautiful.

And this is a VERY fun group we had seen in Potes when we were there for the Orujo Festival, called Cahorneja who was playing in town last night. The mix of instruments is super cool (including a bagpipe, called a "gaita" in Spanish, and who knows what else...). Also, how awesome is his t-shirt? Love it.

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2 Responses to Don’t Go Chasin Waterfalls

  1. and what? C. wasn’t asked to sit in on the gaita? PS. I LOVE the cajon player’s t-shirt. “Gaita Hero”.

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