St. Patty’s Day Spanish Style

Yes, believe it or not, in little ole Corrales there were at least two bars that were having St. Patrick’s Day parties on Saturday night. AND it just so happens to be one of our friend’s birthdays. Two perfectly good reasons to celebrate.

These guys were playing in one bar. I loved the guy with all the gray hair and beard. Classic. A little while later he was singing montañesas (typical folk songs...that's a topic worth a post just for itself - stay tuned), and even one in English. What a riot.

Then this adorable ruddy faced kid, who up until this point had been sitting in the bar off to the side, playing some video game, got up and sang. Awesome. He was so totally Freidrich from the Sound of Music.

The birthday girl (in the hat) and her spirited girlfriends in green. Yep, my nails are green too. 🙂

The birthday cake (courtesy of yours truly, of course!). Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I love how we can just bring a cake into the bar. We also all had sparklers. FUN.

For more on the cake, look here. 🙂


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