My Day as a Tourist

I know that sounds strange, because I spend a lot of days – most especially when we are exploring new places – that I feel like a tourist. But today was a little different. C had clients in town, an awesome couple from Texas who had spent the previous five or six days hunting goat outside of Madrid, and came to our neck of the woods on Friday. Really fun folks (I went with them to Annnua on Friday night…yummmmmmm…and he described one of the dishes as “slap yo mamma good.” Tinkle. Loved it.) who had two great days with C on Saturday and Sunday, and who were leaving tonight.

ANYhoo. I spent the day with them as C carted them/us all over eternity seeing every possible thing we could see in a day. And although these were mostly places I had been to before, I sometimes see them a little differently or I just think they are pretty or interesting enough to take more pictures.

On a side note, and to further reinforce the complete unpredictability of our weather? Today we saw sun, clouds, rain, sleet AND snow. WTF. You just carry umbrellas and mittens with you at all times. Bi. Zar. Ro.

Here are some shots from the day.

A place I hadn't been - we took a tour of the University in Comillas. Really pretty buildings, great architecture.

El Capricho, one of only three Gaudí designed buildings outside of Cataluña. Some typical Gaudí components outside, but a very clean and streamlined inside. The house was designed for a wealthy bachelor, in the shape of a "U" to follow the path of the sun (so the sun was shining in the room he was in throughout the course of the day).

A statue of Gaudí outside the house, admiring his own work. Nothing wrong with a little self appreciation I suppose.

Outside El Capricho. Just because I like chairs. It's weird, I know, but I do.

You can read more about El Capricho here.

Because I'm twelve, okay? OMG, I can't even look at this and not giggle. Don't judge.

MOST importantly, of course, is that C’s clients went home VERY happy campers…or, um, hunters? I dunno. But they loved it.

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