Aaaand Another Paseito

Yesterday was a truly spectacular day…crisp but delightfully warm in the sun, warm enough that some of my friends even went to the beach! Nope, but not us. We packed up our backpacks and headed back toward the area in Cantabria where we were driving a couple weeks ago, by the big waterfall. This time C had mapped out a route he wanted to take that started close by and took us in a big (estimated) 18k circle, sort of up and over part of the mountain. It was an awesome day – a good tough hike, snow up in the mountains, crystal clear blue skies, and not a soul in sight.

Thank heavens we were with other picture takers. We could barely make it to our starting point without stopping 600 times to take pictures. That's Santander in the distance.

We made a quick stop to grab some extra water. I don't know what this means, it didn't look very Americano to me. Maybe they serve sandwishes. ­čÖé

Yep, driving back past the waterfall where we were a couple weeks ago, but this time with much sunnier skies, a lot more water (thanks to some recent rains), and a breeze that created these gorgeous rainbows (FYI, "rainbow" in Spanish is "arco iris").

What would a paseito post be without at least one flower shot? Hm?

Pause for photo op. Not one single sound out there, pure peace.

The happy hikers, all in a row. Oh and yep, thats' a little patch of snow on the right.

Up, up, up and over the mountain. (And YES, I was having a Sound of Music moment here...teeheeheehee).

Loved the tree, loved the clouds. Loved the three second break to take the picture.

This was the up and over point. Gorgeous. And for the beginning of our ascent on the other side, there was knee-deep snow. For which, of course, I was not completely prepared. Le sigh. No pictures of that part, I was too busy pouting and wondering how I could get the snow out of my shoes. While C was laughing at me. Hehehe.

The group! Me and C with friends Estela and David.

Try as I might, I couldn't quite capture the exact color of the trees but I was ENAMored by them. They were sort of pink-ish against the gray of the stone. Be-yu-tee-ful.

Hard to believe we barely saw a single soul, just passed a handful of people on our way down – turns out more people were doing the reverse route. Apparently ours was the tougher version. Figures, right? ­čÖé

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1 Response to Aaaand Another Paseito

  1. Lawrence says:

    Great post/pics, Lynne! Can’t wait to get back. Un abrazo to you and C.

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