La Huelga General and Working!

Today in Spain there is a Huelga General – a general strike. The entire country is demonstrating discontent with any number of things – including (from what I can gather on the internet) unemployment, poverty, the prioritization of banks and corporations over basic public health and education, unfair taxes – by not going to work. They state “Now is the time to show who monopolizes the power, that the only valid power will be that which emanates directly from the people.” In other words, everything is closed today, with very, very few exceptions. Could you imagine if the U.S. decided one day to strike? What? Never. But good for everyone for fighting for what they believe in. Except for the fact that this also includes everyone involved in the Flamenco show we were supposed to see tonight in Santander. Oh well.

On the upside, they could not have picked a more lovely day to do it. C and I went for our first bike ride of the season, venturing up toward the coast near Suances (a 40k loop) and the entire world is outside picnicing and enjoying the day. I couldn’t help but think as I was biking by “Look at them with their bocadillos and bottles of wine, and me on the bike…what’s wrong with this picture?” ANYway.

The ironic thing is that I actually WORKED today. And every day this week!! Woot woot!! I now have three students! One studying for a national exam, and two others who just want to learn English. How bout that. It’s a very different experience really – I’ve been “teaching” my whole career but it’s an entirely different story when you sit down across from someone who barely understands a word you say. I mean, where do you even begin? And oh the patience you need…I am loaded up with it, but it’s for sure a good test. I am still learning as I go – scouring the internet and books looking for lessons and materials and exercises, and joining every ESL teacher website I come across for free downloads and all that. But little by little I will figure out what works and what doesn’t and poof, I could very well grow a little English teaching empire here, just you wait. ­čÖé

I wore this to the grocery store yesterday. I giggled the whole time. Snort.

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