Surprise Trip Day 1

So a while back when I was considering moving up my trip to the states, C told me that he wanted to take me someplace right before I left…that he was hoping it would be a surprise, but since I was trying to squash it by changing my tickets, he had to spill the beans. Way to go, Lynne, right? But no matter. He didn’t say much more about it until the week before I left when he told me to keep Monday and Tuesday free…and then until Sunday morning when he told me we’d be leaving after lunch. I was like…uh…what? But, like, I have laundry to do and stuff? 🙂

I should insert here that everyone at lunch knew where we were going and what he was up to besides me. Naturally.

So we drove about three hours (I literally didn’t know where we were going till we got there) to the walled city of Avila, just about an hour or so outside of Madrid.

We arrived at about 8:30...just in time to catch the last few minutes of light as we pulled into the city. (On a side note, it's light now until past the awesomeness of that.)

We stayed at the Parador there. Paradors in Spain (as I may or may not have mentioned before?) are luxury hotels, usually built in some type of historic building like a castle, palace, monastery, etc. If you are traveling through Spain they are always worth even just stopping in for coffee.

As it was the beginning of Semana Santa (Holy Week), many travelers were rolling into town, but it was not too crowded to walk into a bar and find a seat for some wine and tapas. Crappy photo aside, this place was very cool. We each had a glass of wine (a generous pour, I might add) and they just bring you little plates of food for free. In our case, we got basically a little sandwich and also some sort of meat something with caramelized onions. Both impressive portions and delish, altogether for a whopping 7 euros (less than $10). All the places we went were like that.

Then we set out to walk the loop outside the walls of the city. One day I will learn to take better night photos. But in the meantime, I at least tried to capture how gorgeous it was. Simply stunning at night.

"...I have scaled these city walls, these city walls..." Woops, sorry, channeling my inner Bono.

And yet another example of my crapster night time picture taking skills. Ah well, we'll just have to go back. 🙂

ANYhoo. Beautiful city and a really fun night. Definitely worth a visit, and I’d absolutely go back.

More to come on Day 2. 🙂

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