Surprise Trip Day 2, Part 1

Before I can continue with my story, I have to provide a couple tidbits of background information.

Men in Spain sometimes make some…um…interesting fashion choices. It’s usually the younger ones (in fact I’ve found the older gentlemen here to be very well dressed and rather preppy!) who get a little more daring, and one of my favorite trends is bright colored skinny jeans. They make me giggle. So a long while back I started joking with C about buying him a pair of red skinny jeans that he could wear when he met my parents for the first time. To put it mildly C is SO NOT “red skinny jeans” guy, which is why it made it all the more hilarious. Anyhoo…the joke continued, I kept telling him for birthdays or Christmas or halloween or SOMEthing I was gonna buy him a pair, and just never did.

Second piece of background info – for C’s 40th bday last year, his friends gave him a bagpipe (which, as I’ve mentioned, he’s been learning for several months now – first songs on the recorder and now actually songs on the actual bagpipe…) as well as a pair of Albarcas. Both VERY Spanish.

Last piece of background. On our first “date” – which was really a long weekend in DC – we took a bikeride one day through the close-to-peak cherry blossoms. It was super fun, gorgeous, and such a neat way to beat the crowds who swarm in to see them every year. And every since then, we’ve had a thing about cherry blossoms.

OKAY, so. The morning of the second day we left pretty early, headed in some still unbeknownst to me location. After driving for like an hour and a half, we come to a T in the road and C pulls out a blindfold and told me to put it on. I was like whaaaa? We drove for a little while longer, made a few stops (I was still in the car blindfolded and developing a mild case of nausea cause the roads were sorta twisty…hahahaha…) and finally we parked and he led me out of the car to someplace outdoors and sat me in what turned out to be one of those fold up chairs you use for picnics/parades/etc. And then told me to wait AGAIN.

Finally (okay, it was only like 5 minutes later) I hear him walk back and say that it was okay to look.

And this is what I saw when I opened my eyes. Well, okay, I didn't see the chair cause I was sitting in it...but there was C, red skinny jeans and Albarcas on, playing a song on the bagpipe, and I was sitting underneath what seemed like an endless sea of cherry blossoms.

He was playing and I was hysterically laughing, and when he was done he came over and knelt down in front of me (okay, he’d probably hate that I said that, perhaps it was more like a squat) and said (in spanish) what basically translated to “And why NOT marry me?” I was like (in spanish) “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” And he said it again. And I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” Durrrrrhhh, Lynne, way to make the poor nervous guy ask like five times. And that was that. He had me at “you can take the blindfold off now.” 🙂

So, where were we? We were in the Valle del Jerte (that’s a link to images, some of them are admittedly better than mine)  in the northeast corner of the Extremadura region of Spain, particularly well known for their cherries. And just like DC, they have a peak season, which is what C was waiting for in timing our trip. I can’t even make a guess as to how many they have, someone actually said a million. Here are a few shots.

All those dusty white trees you see? Cherry Blossoms.

The token close up flower shot. What's a post without one.

We always self portrait. C won't love this pic, but (seeing as it was the tenth in a series of 12 because it's always hard to see if any of them come out well) it makes me giggle.

And I’ll pause here for a quick second for “YAY SO FUN!” Right? 🙂

And our journey continued. But since I just decided, rightfully so I believe, that this little ditty deserves it’s own post, I’ll follow up with the rest separately.

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2 Responses to Surprise Trip Day 2, Part 1

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  2. Joan Holt says:

    Lynn. You may not remember me but I’m Joan from TN and enjoyed getting to meet you while in PA when you did a triathlon there. Congratulations on your marriage to this special guy! Your mom shared some wedding pictures with me . They were wonderful! She also shared your interestingly delightful posts on your travels. This one in particular about the proposal was just toooo cute!! Have you considered being a free lance writer? You are seriously talented!

    I want to wish you both many happy years together and blessings abundant!

    My best,
    Joan Holt

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