Surprise Trip Day 2 and 3

Hm, where was I, where was I…OH yes. Okay. So YAY. 🙂

Next stop was through a town called Plasencia, another walled city in the Cáceres provence, situated on the Jerte River. We parked and winded our way through the streets to the Plaza Mayor. And yes, all good Spanish cities have a Plaza Mayor, it’s just what they do.

This is the clock tower in the Plaza - when the clock chimes, this guy actually hits the bell with his right hand, which you can sorta kinda see in this shot.

C in front of the Cathedral in Plasencia. I like this just because it shows the scale. But also really because C is still wearing his red pants. Teeheehee.

We stopped for coffee in the Parador there, which was formerly a convent. This was the view looking up from the of the cooler ones I've been in to (not like I've been in a ton, but of the ones I've seen this was one of the more interesting buildings).

Next stop, the city of Cáceres, the capital of the province of the same name, and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is where we were staying for the night, which also just happened to be the first night of Holy Week. Spain is BIG on religious processions (although quite honestly, I have not found the Spaniards to actually be terribly religious, but they do like a good Mary float and some Jesus statues).

Yes, yes, yes, another Plaza - people were just beginning to mull around and take their places waiting for the two processions that would eventually come through here later that night.

We ultimately opted to head back to the hotel and watch the procession from what I thought were the best seats in the house - the roof deck of our hotel.

Pause in the pictures for a word about our hotel. We stayed at the Atrio Hotel, which just so happens to have a 2-Michelin starred restaurant of the same name (which, as I found out later, was actually the reason for the destination choice to begin with as we loooooove our starred restaurants). The hotel was awesome – stoned wall exterior, very modern, chic interior, and service…good heavens, the service. It was literally like you had a personal team of people at your beck and call. It was spectacular. We had dinner there that night too…photo documented, naturally, and also probably deserving of it’s own post. But I will just say it was FABulous. Small plates, unique flavors and textures. To die for. We had a late dinner there, and did some walking around town the next day.

I have this thing about how women here walk around outside in their robes all the time (and men too, for that matter, AND in their slippers). Girlfriend came out because we were admiring her flowers, and boy did she want to tell us about her flowers.

Cáceres, especially the old part of town, is known for the storks - they are ginormous and make big, huge, ginormous nests in almost every church tower and, well, any tower or the high point of any building. I loved them. C has some way better shots than this, but at least you sorta get the gist.

Pulling away (and before the weather took a turn for the worse) there were some pretty views of the city.

Not too far outside Cáceres is the town of Trujillo. We were passing by so figured, why not stop and take a look-see.

Another very pretty walled city (despite the rain), and also sporting a good number of storks. That looks like a Mr. and Mrs. maybe. 🙂

This was on our way home. I'm gonna be honest and say I have absolutely no idea exactly where this was or what that castle is, but isn't it pretty? With all that green? Yeah, so we stopped for a photo op.

And there ya have it. It was a long day of driving back home (I say that like I was driving…but I wasn’t, C was…) but in my humble opinion, worth every minute. 🙂

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