So, as my month went, I had my lovely surprise trip, two days later I left for the states, came back in time to celebrate C’s birthday and my 40th, and left the day after my birthday for 5 nights in Paris with one of my besties. I know, it’s been a rough month, right?

I hadn’t been to Paris in almost 20 years, and the last time I was there I just don’t remember loving it. Granted, when you are doing a city as a college student, the world looks a little different, so I decided to give it a second chance…and I’m SO glad I did. It was a perfect trip – a happy balance of sightseeing and culture, drinking wine and people watching (which in my book can also be considered cultural, naturally), and some truly amazing food. The weather was completely whack – pouring, then windy, then clear blue skies, all in five minutes. Maybe even crazier than where I live. But enough sun was shining for some pretty good photo ops (and enough rain fell at times to convince us sitting under an awning was really the only possible option). ­čÖé

I thought it appropriate to start with a food picture. Ahhhh, macarons, how I love thee (and can't believe I never had one, despite the rage in the food blogging universe!). Not only to they taste amazing, but aren't they SO PRETTY? Perfectly pretty piles of yumminess. EVERYwhere.

Notre Dame. So majestic, so beautiful inside and out.

I'm always struck by the details. How on earth???

The manicured lawns of Luxembourg Gardens.

Basilica Sacre-Couer in Montmartre. The highest point in the city, and a beautiful church inside. (Note the blue skies and umbrellas. Seriously crazy weather.)

Paris from the top of Sacre Coeur.

Arc de Triomphe.

Tuileries Gardens outside the Louvre.

Some of the stained glass inside Sainte Chapelle. Doesn't even come close to doing it justice, it is simply spectacular. Really incredible. Google it to find some well paid photographer who can do this better than I can...

The Stravinski Fountain near the Pompidou Center, right in the very cool hood where we were staying.

Inside the D'Orsay Museum, an amazing collection of art (including some of my very, very favorite Degas ballet dancers) housed inside an old train station. Loved it.

Of course. And no, we didn't go to the top...the lines were over two hours long!

This sign makes me giggle. Yes, there is a Jewish Quarter. Best. Falafel. Ever. No, really.

But this is really what the trip was all about. And I just love that we didn't even know boyfriend got in the picture...giggle, giggle, and more giggle.

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2 Responses to Paris!

  1. remember climbing the stairs at the Arc de Triomphe? good times.

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