Quick Catch-up and Our Next Adventure

So, what’s been up the past week?

Yummmmmmmm morel mushrooms. These puppies can be SUPER expensive to buy, but C found them (foraging mushrooms is rather popular around here) hiking while I was in France stuffing my face with macarons. These are setting on the radiator to dry out.

Luckily Carlos was in town and whipped up a deeeeelish risotto with them, along with some yummy fish, and everyone came over to eat and to celebrate JeanPi's birthday. So many birthdays in April, makes you wonder what was up 9 months ago?

On Saturday, a bunch of us took the train to Reinosa - a 45 minute train south from Corrales - to celebrate Carlos' 40th birthday. Yes, C is wearing a sheriff's hat and a yellow tie. What's a celebration without costumes, right?

It was rainy and cold (Reinosa is always colder as it is at a higher elevation). But that didn't stop people from riding horses down the street. Or from drinking in the bars, naturally.

The birthday boy and two of his favorite girls. So cute. It was a fun day.

And now what?

Well? And now – and I can barely believe I’m writing this – C and I will get up Thursday morning, take a train, a bus, and two more trains, and will arrive early evening at St. Jean Pied de Port, France where we will begin, on Friday, walking 771 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago. Yep. Walking. 20 – 30 kilometers each day. For a month. Crazy, but true.

We do intend to write about our Camino – not sure if that will be real time or not, depends on if we go old school with the journal writing (a la pen and paper, which we are prepared to do) OR if we take the modern approach and blog each night. Either way, we’ll be writing about the experience from each of our own perspectives (without having seen what the other person writes). I am certain if nothing else, it will be a mildly entertaining Venus/Mars comparison of an absolutely incredible experience. As soon as I can think of a witty name for the blog, I’ll be sure and post a link. 🙂


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1 Response to Quick Catch-up and Our Next Adventure

  1. Tracie Cid says:

    You’re walking the Camino!!!!???!!!?! How exciting for you both! I can’t wait to see photos and hear about your adventures!

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