Three Dolmens and a Castle

C wanted to do some exploring on Saturday so we took off for a drive toward Frias, located about halfway between us and Burgos, in the provence of Castilla y Leon. A small city, with a castle, of course. Oh, and a church. ­čÖé He had read that there was a jazz concert that night in the Castle, which admittedly sounds cooler than just going to see a castle, so we even decided to stay for the night.

On the way there, we made a small circuit to see some Dolmens, explained here by Wikipedia. Basically they are a type of tomb, many of which date back to 4000 to 3000 BC, and can be found all throughout Europe (as well as Asia and India). In person they sorta just look like mounds of dirt and some big stones. But the idea behind them is interesting.

Mound of Dirt #1 (D├│lmenes de la Lora).

Inside Mound #2 (Dolmen El Morueco). This one was a little different as that one stone C is looking at had three holes in it, and we both thought the top two looked like eyes in a face. Or an alien (I thought that, C did not…).

You get the picture. The third one looked a lot like the first two. I asked C if Dolmens were the new Churches…like Churches were so 2012, and Dolmens are whats hot in 2013? He didn’t answer.

We passed field after field of sunflowers (“girasol” in Spanish), as far as the eye could see. They were awesome, so uniform, thousands and thousands looking all in the same direction.

The Castle in Frias, dating back to the 12th – 15th centuries.

A view of the castle from the town.

My feeble attempt at a non-chalant shot of the lil biddies playing cards and drinkin beers at the table next to us. I get such a kick of that.

A view of the town on the way out.

On an unrelated, but equally exciting note, I drove by myself to Carrefour today! Oh, the little things…

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