My Last Week in Pictures, Part II

Some fun at the park with the kiddies, including the big one dumping water on the left.

A bagpipe concert for a very captive audience.

On Wednesday, we planned to go to the Picos. We got started late, hit traffic, and didn’t end up getting to where we wanted to start until noon, by which time it was ridiculously hot. We considered taking the tram up and starting our hike from the top, but there was a 2 1/2 hour WAIT. UGH, Spain in August. Anyhoo. So, we walked up instead.

So up we went.

And up some more.

Lil Action Jackson shot…there was a small part you had to climb up using a rope.

Go…Estela…Go, Go Estela…

Our lunch spot.

And this guy was lookin at me when we got to the top. Well, not the TOP top, our original intended destination was to his left, which would have been another 5 hours (after the three and change that we had just done). So that will wait till next time. When we start earlier and there isn’t so much sun.

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