Oh, What a Week

This has been one of the most monumental weeks in my year of living in Spain. Where do I even begin?

One. We just dropped my PARENTS off at the airport this morning, after their first ever week-long visit to our little world here in Cantabria! I can still barely believe that they were here…after almost a year of hundreds of emails and Skypes and pictures, they finally got to put all the pieces together. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous for their visit. And not just a little nervous. My world is uh, sorta different here than from 14 years in Arlington, VA and I wasn’t sure how they’d see it all. Like would they get it? Or would they think I was crazy? Maybe that’s  silly, but you get it, no? Anyhoo. Overall I think it went really well. 🙂

Mom and C under the big spider sculpture outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Was a simply gorgeous day.


It was definitely an adjustment for them – staying with us in fairly small quarters (and sharing one full bathroom!), the change in food and schedules, differences in overall culture and then there’s the language barrier…and on top of that the lack of things they are used to in the states, simple things like 24 hours sports on tv and instant coffee. And a week doesn’t give them very much time to adjust! However, they were champs and aside from some “systemic turbulence” they got to see some of my favorite places, get a better sense of my ‘hood, get to know C even better and meet many of the people who are so important in my life here. They now know what that wall is behind my head when we Skype, my regular weekend hangouts and how I walk to the grocery store. I asked my Mom last night for general impressions – what did she expect, what was she surprised by, the good and the bad. Maybe they can write a guest post. Mom, Dad, wanna write a guest post??

Two. We bought THE DRESS! YES. THAT dress. I couldn’t very well make up my mind without the sound words of my mother, and as luck would have it, the dress I liked the most when I went to try them on by myself was the one my mom liked best too (not necessarily in the pictures, but when you put it on, it’s always different!!). I heart it. Every time I look at the picture of it I clap and stand on my tippie-toes.

Three. I got my RING back. This may not sound like a big deal, but I really haven’t gotten to wear it since I got in back in April! It was too big for my finger, so I left it at home on the Camino, and when we got back, we took it to the jewelers to be reset. Back in JUNE (hello and welcome to Spain). So YAY for that too.

Four. I started WORKING! More on that to come or this will morph into a runaway post…


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